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Do you need a will?  If you have children or own real estate you surely do.


Evelyn Zawatsky can expertly guide you through the complexities of drafting a will and planning your estate.

Most people do no like to think ahead to a time when they will not be here.  For this reason they avoid making out a will. Being an attorney whose practice focus exclusively on wills, trusts, estate planning and probate work, EastBay attorney Evelyn Weiss Zawatsky is very skilled at guiding her clients through the estate planning process in an easy and caring manner that makes the process painless.  She has spent more than two decades helping her clients to document who will manage their property and as well as how and when it will be distributed to their family when the time comes.

Does everyone need a will?  If you own nothing, have no minor children and want your property to go outright to your family as determined by state law, then probably not.  But, if you are the parent(s) of minor children, own real estate or have recently been married or divorced, it is essential to have a well-drafted will in order for your wishes to be followed.  A well planned estate can avoid misunderstandings and family disputes.  Most importantly, in combination with a will, a well drafted trust can avoid unnecessary taxes as well as offer direction and financial support to provide for minor children and other family members far into the future.  Without a will, there is no discretion about who gets your worldly goods, or when they will receive their inheritance.  Your estate will be divided and distributed in ways that are determined by state law, not by you.

“People feel very comfortable talking to me,” says Evelyn.  “That makes the planning process much easier for clients who are often uncomfortable thinking about these issues.” “Also, I return phone calls promptly, and everyone appreciates that,” she adds.

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Choosing an attorney to prepare a complete estate plan which deals with issues during life in addition to the distribution of assets after death can be quite complex.  An experienced attorney like Evelyn Zawatsky can help clients avoid problems and unnecessary expenses at death by preparing comprehensive will and estate plan that covers all the legal bases, and then by assisting your loved one with issues such as probate, taxes and the distribution of the estate when you are gone.

If you don’t have a will, or if you have recently lost a loved one and need help navigating through the probate process, give Evelyn Zawatsky a call.  A properly planned estate can give you tremendous piece of mind.

When a loved one dies, get the right legal advice to settle the estate.


Evelyn Zawatsky can expertly guide you through the steps involved in settling an estate.

Once the funeral arrangements have been made, the first call to make after a loved one dies is to Evelyn Zawatsky, an EastBay attorney whose considerable experience and warm, engaging manner will be a welcome help in dealing with the legal and financial issues which arise.  She has more than 20 years experience advising clients on probate matters as well as estate planning, wills, and trusts.

For many, settling an estate is unfamiliar territory, made more difficult by loss.  The list of issues to be managed is endless.  How to pay the bills?  Where will the money come from? What taxes have to be paid?  How will the money be accessed?  A knowledgeable, empathetic lawyer like Evelyn Zawatsky can guide you through the process with confidence, explaining each step in a clear and understandable manner.

If the assets left by your loved one were held in their name alone, there is the matter of probate.  Essentially probate is the process of settling one’s estate by collecting assets, paying debts and distributing the remaining assets as the

decedent planned through their will, or if they had no will, as specified by state law, under the supervision of the court.  This is where you will be glad to have an experienced probate attorney on your side.


“People feel very comfortable talking to me,” says Evelyn.  “That makes the entire process so much easier for clients who have to deal with so much when they lose a loved one,” she adds.  “I return phone calls promptly, and my clients really appreciate that,” she says.

An experienced, knowledgeable attorney like Evelyn Zawatsky can help clients navigate through the probate process and other post death issues seamlessly.

If you need help figuring out what to do after a loved one passes and determining what legal steps need to be taken, give Evelyn Zawatsky a call.  Her expertise in settling estates can give you tremendous piece of mind and save you unnecessary expenses.

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