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10 Reasons You Need to See an Estate Planning Attorney

1.    Do you want to decide who will inherit your property and your money when you die?


2.    Do you want to decide who will serve as guardians for your minor children?


3.    Do you want to protect your assets for your minor children?


4.    Do you want to provide for a disabled child, or take care of your elderly parents?


5.    Will you have to pay estate taxes?


6.    Do you need to plan to avoid the expenses associated with probate?


7.    Do you want to keep your net worth and who is getting your property private?


8.    Who will take care of you and your money if you are unable to take care of them for yourself?


9     Do you want to be kept alive by artificial means or other heroic measures? 


10.   Do you want to give your family peace of mind?

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